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Tax Information

Tax Questions


1.Will I receive a 1099 or W-2 from Critical Health Connection?

Critical Health Connection issues IRS Form 1099 to its nurses who work at client facilities.


2.Does that mean I am an employee or independent contractor when I work for Critical Health Connection?

Under federal law, you will be an independent contractor. That means you are responsible for your taxes.  It also means you may be eligible for deductions for business expenses that employees normally may not take.  Please speak to a tax professional during the year to discuss your status, as certain options may not be available if you wait until the tax year has ended.


3.Will I be covered by Critical Health Connection’s Workers Compensation policy and general liability policy?

Though you are an independent contractor under federal law, under Texas law you are an employee. That means that you are covered under Critical Health Connection’s Workers Compensation policy, general liability policy, and you are eligible to claim Critical Health Connection as your employer if you file for unemployment benefits.


Disclaimer: Critical Health Connection, LLC is not a tax advisor and is not providing tax advice.  Each person’s tax circumstances are unique and each person should consult with a qualified tax professional to answer any tax questions they may have.